Beauty in the Outdoors – Women Who Hunt, Fish, Camp and Shoot Guns

Women Can Love the Outdoor Life Too – We love to Fish, Hunt, Camp and Shoot Guns

My love for the outdoors was not immediate, but it all started with a camping trip 17 years ago in Texas with Greg, and our son, who was 6 at the time. The camping trip did not go as well as we hoped, including a broken tent pole, confusion, and bugs. Our son seemed afraid of everything and I was not sure about peeing in the woods.

I am glad my husband did not give up on me! He continued to take me camping and fishing and even introduced me to hunting by taking our son antelope hunting for several years before I agreed to go with them.  I was reluctant to hunt because I thought it was for the guys. Once I went with them, I was hooked! I didn’t grow up in the outdoors hunting and fishing in the Colorado mountains, so I didn’t know what I was missing. I was more of a city girl, worried about my outfit, makeup, hair and shopping.

Throughout that 17 years, Greg was very patient and attentive. He took me to some amazing fishing spots in Texas and Colorado where I would catch 90 fish a day and big memorable fish. I think I would have lost interest if I was sitting on the bank of a lake with a spinning rod in hand waiting for my bobber to go under. He would help me set-up my fishing gear and bait my hook with worms. I still don’t like to touch the worms and yes, he still baits my hook and helps me with my gear when I need it. Even the best fishing person can tangle a line and needs a little help.

Our outdoor experiences seemed to get better and better as the years went by. I became more independent and carried my own gear and now, I even wear a fly fishing vest full 34307254_10215870156085252_2006273812026359808_oof my own tippet, flies, hooks and weights. I have two size spinning rods and several fly rods to use depending on where we are going to fish. I love to fish the rivers and streams in Colorado when we are not in Alaska.

I still worry about my outfit and I have some pretty cute fishing shirts with matching hats and Hunter boots for fishing beaver dams and reservoirs. I have several camo outfits for hunting depending on the weather. I care if my make-up looks good for pictures with my fish or animal,  and I like fun sunglasses.

I am constantly learning and enjoying all aspects of the outdoor life and catching some amazing fish. I have also learned how to hold a fish correctly and we continue to work on perfecting our photography.

I have noticed over the past 17 years more women have been joining the outdoor life of hunting and fishing. The social networking sites like  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 34796_1501802703470_1919906_nare great tools for women to find friends and other women with a similar outdoor  interest. I love to see pictures of other women’s harvested animals and fish they have caught. I always whisper, “Way to go!” Lets face it, its fun to brag about our catch to the guys too.

I am proud to be part of the outdoor life and 34823335_10215902931824625_5962328369730158592_njoin a predominately men’s hobby. It always seems like it is me and the guys wherever we go.  I have always been treated respectfully on trips we have been on and am actually a little spoiled. The guides are always very helpful. I have learned so much from their guidance including learning to fly fish and fly fish using a spey rod, which is a 14′ fly rod for large rivers. You have to be comfortable being on a trip or boat with a bunch of guys because most likely you are going to be the only woman. The bonus of being the only woman on a fishing boat is you are going to get all the attention. Believe me, it’s not a bad thing.

Being a beauty in the outdoors to me means you can live the outdoor life including hunting, fishing, camping and shooting guns while keeping your girly attributes. You can still wear make-up, wear cute outfits, drive a BMW and still be an awesome outdoors woman. One thing to avoid as a serious outdoors woman is pink camo, unless you are hunting flamingos or hunting in a forest with pink trees.





                                                  LIVE, LOVE, OUTDOORS

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