Fishing for Rockfish in Alaska

Fishing Alaska – For the Love of the Yelloweye Rockfish

When talking to friends, family members, or acquaintances about fishing in Alaska, they immediately ask about the Salmon and Halibut. The Salmon and Halibut are well-known fish and are pretty typical in the local grocery store, so it’s not surprising. These two fish are especially great when caught fresh out of the waters of Alaska, BUT, let’s not forget about the underappreciated fish, the Rockfish.

35543396_10216034042342306_3204189535760023552_n.jpgNote: Pictured above is Black Rockfish

Most people don’t know about the Rockfish. These fish have a white, flakey flesh with a mild taste. Rockfish are not fishy tasting and are great for  Rockfish fish tacos or Asian dishes. Rockfish are actually great breaded, fried, baked or cooked on the grill. They are very versatile.


Note: Pictured above is a China Rockfish

Rockfish are now a huge favorite amongst my friends and family. Some even request I bring them back the Rockfish over the Salmon and Halibut.  For us, Rockfish are fun to catch and are located near the rocky areas in the ocean. Hmm…maybe that’s why they are called Rockfish. Ha! Greg was even catching them on a flyrod this past summer.
IMG_1372 (1)

There are over 30 species of Rockfish in Alaskan waters. The most common is the Black Rockfish. My goal for our next Alaska trip is to catch a Yelloweye Rockfish, which can reach over 30 inches, be 100+ years old and are usually in water 250 feet deep. They are a beautiful fish and I am very excited to try for one. Good thing I know some great boat Captains who may be willing to take me to the best Rockfishing spot.

Next time you are at a restaurant or fishing in Alaska, make sure you try the Rockfish or try this ROCKFISH RECIPE.

Share your Rockfish recipes with us! We would love to try them. We have a freezer full of fish!


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Have you tried Rockfish? Comment on this post and let us know what you think about Rockfish. Have you caught a Rockfish? Share your pictures with us. We would LOVE to see them and so would other bloggers!!

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