Kremmling, Colorado – Fishing and Enjoying the Wildlife, but Mostly Fishing!

Soon after moving to Colorado, we started going to an area in Colorado near a small mountain town called Kremmling. It is located between Winter Park and Steamboat Springs. We have enjoyed our time there at least once per year. When we explore areas, we always search for fishing places and we have found several in this area.

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Perhaps our favorite stream to fish in this area is the tailwater of Muddy Creek below Wolford Mountain Reservoir.  It requires a short, but steep hike from the parking lot at the dam. We have caught rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, and kokanee salmon from this tailwater.  The fishing has ranged from excellent where we catch 20+ fish per person per day, to just average, where we catch just a few. We have caught a 27” brown trout there and rainbows up to 24 inches.  There is always the chance for a big fish, but there is usually plenty of action for smaller trout also.


A recent find is a small lake between Kremmling and Steamboat Springs, called Muddy Pass Lake.  This lake is best once they start stocking it in the early summer. It is stocked with rainbow trout and we have had a few 20+ fish days there.  We have caught some fish that have survived over the winter up to about 20 inches. This lake is a small lake and a person can hike it. This fishing is good all the way around.  For a lake that is located right next to the highway, it does not draw a large crowd, so there is always room to fish, even if you have to hike around the lake a short distance.

Green Mountain Reservoir, between Kremmling and Silverthorne, is a place where we try to fish early in the season.  The draw for us to this lake is that it holds lake trout, and we have caught a few of them there. The lake trout are sometimes in the shallow water early in the season, so fishing from the shore can be productive.  We catch the lake trout and brown trout near the dam. We also like to fish the head of the lake where the Blue River enters. At that location, we have caught rainbow trout to 18 inches, brown trout, and quite a few suckers.

In the early fall, we like to drive up Williams Creek.  There is some decent small creek fishing in this stream for brook trout.  However, we like the drive because of the possibility of hearing bugling elk and seeing moose on this drive.


We continue to explore this area.  We’ve recently heard of a new stream at the head of a lake to try in the spring for large rainbows and a lake that holds grayling.  We will be checking those out soon. We love the process of exploring and discovering new places, and the Kremmling area is one of our favorites.


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  1. Mike smith

    I fly fished the Colorado river (pump house), last August. I hope to go back next year and will keep these places in mind. thanks for the tips.

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