Fishing Lake Marvin – Canadian, Texas

We first discovered Lake Marvin while driving through Canadian, TX, looking for access to the Canadian River. It is a beautiful little lake with no one else in sight. It has been raining a lot here Lake Marvin Canadian TX 1lately, so the lake is full of water and the fish are  active and hungry. There are a couple fishing piers and boat ramp to fish from. It would be fun to have a small boat or kayak on this lake. We see fish jumping out in the middle and can’t get to them. 

We visited the lake in late May and June 2019. The weather was pleasant, especially in the evening.

Note: There is another fishing area on the way to Lake Marvin. It is so good that it deserves its own blog post. Gene Howe Wildlife Area.

The fishing at Lake Marvin was fair, but fun. We caught several small channel catfish, bluegill, and carp. There are some big carp in there, but they weren’t very agressive biters. Greg caught a nice one on our second trip to the lake. We mainly used nightcrawlers with a bobber and bass poppers on a fly rod.

Update: we went back to Lake Marvin at the end of May 2021. The lake was low and we did not catch any fish.

Lake Marvin Canadian TX Carp

If you are looking for a fun day-trip fishing lake, you should stop by Lake Marvin. The drive to the lake is beautiful and the sunsets are gorgeous. We always see a lot of turkeys and whitetail deer on our way in and out of the lake.Lake Marvin Canadian TX Sunset

If you want to visit the town of Canadian, TX and have lunch or dinner we hear The Cattle Exchange and The Bucket are places to eat, according to the locals. There is a Dairy Queen, but if I were you, I would go to the unique eateries of Canadian. If you are looking to have a couple drinks to wind down the day, try the Stumblin Goat Saloon.


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