Lake Conroe Texas – Fishing in December

The weather was great and the fishing was even better. The catching was a little rough, but who can complain when they get to fish in December. We were told we probably wouldn’t catch any fish and the catching has been down since Hurricane Harvey.

Lake Conroe is located in Conroe, Texas at the West Fork of the San Jacinto River. You can catch catfish, white bass, largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, and bluegill.

Note: The Lake Conroe Largemouth Bass record is 15.93 lbs 27 in. 

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We loaded on to our brother-in-law, Scott’s, spectacular red boat and headed for the optimal fishing spot. He was looking at the fish finder in all depts of water searching for the fish. We were also instructed to locate the seagulls and fish where they are diving down to the water for bait fish. There were a lot of ducks on the water, but not many seagulls to be found.

We stopped to fish for bass with lures, with no luck. We tried for bluegill with worms and bobbers, with no luck. Well, maybe they were all correct, the fishing was not going to be very good. But, a day on the water was not so bad, even if we were not catching fish.

Scott decided to follow the other boats and the few birds we spotted. We drifted and fished with jigs right off the side of the boat and BAM! I caught a small white bass. It broke the ice because I soon caught another white bass. Yes, they were small, but I was excited to catch something!

Greg was fishing off the front of the boat with a white jig. He soon hooked in to a large fish. The rod was bent and the fish was taking out line. We were all pretty excited to see what was hooked. Greg reeled in a nice sized Hybrid Striped Bass. It was 22″ long and weighted 4lbs.

The hybrid striped bass catch was so exciting for all of us since the fishing had not been very good that day. We did get to take it home to filet it for a future dinner.

Wiper Fish Lake Conroe Texas.jpg

A day on the water always means a trip to a local resturant for some good local food. We enjoy Fajita Jacks Tex-Mex Grill and Cantina on the Lake. You can sit outside and enjoy the day and eat good Tex-Mex food.

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