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Greg and I spent several years in south Texas before moving to Colorado, but never any time in the Texas Panhandle, until this summer when I decided to accept a 13-month PT Assistant travel position at a nursing home, Senior Village, Perryton, TX. We had no idea there would be such great fishing in the area.  We learned in years past that most of the land in Texas is privately owned, so we initially thought our best chance of fishing would be Lake Fryer, located about 15 miles outside of Perryton. However, we didn’t even fish Lake Fryer! There were so many other places, we didn’t need to sit at a lake with other fisherman hoping for maybe one or two bites.

We like to think of ourselves as explorers, looking for remote places that may be challenging to get to and fish. Our exploration paid off because we discovered other fishing areas that had no pressure from other fisherman, big fish, and 100 fish days. This all made the fishing so wondrous in the Texas Panhandle.

Wondrous: A feeling that is like little butterflies that sends a tingle through your whole body, which makes you smile, feel light headed, and invincible at the same time. 

The first place we fished upon arriving to the Texas panhandle was Lake Marvin near Canadian, TX. As mentioned in our Lake Marvin blog we caught catfish, bluegill and carp. We discovered this lake while trying to get access to the Canadian River. According to the Fish and Game Officer, there is no public access to the Canadian River in that location.

While fishing Lake Marvin, we discovered one of our favorite fishing lo cations near Canadian, TX, about 45 mins from Perryton, the Gene Howe Wildlife Area. Thanks to the Fish & Game Officer for telling us about this spectacular fishing spot. There were several ponds and a Resaca to catch a Bass Gene Howe 2variety of fish. We caught largemouth bass, various types of sunfish, spotted gar, crappie, and catfish. The bait we used included live grasshoppers, small sunfish, and nightcrawlers. We also use various flies including grasshoppers and poppers. Greg had a couple days where he caught more than 50 fish, and one 100+ fish day. Later in the summer the fishing for small fish slowed down, but the big fish were still eager to take our bait.

Note: Additional pictures of BIG FISH at the end of blog.

We also fished below the dam in the tail water of Lake Fryer. We caught 40 fish in one evening, including small sunfish, catfish and bass. We used grasshopper flies, other various flies, and live night crawlers.

While exploring on the way back from a trip to Amarillo, we took  the long cut and discovered another location to fish, Palo Duro State Park, below the dam. We initially did not have our fishing equipment with us because we were just exploring, but with the travel time to/from Perryton only being 30 mins, we went back to Perryton and back to fish that evening. We caught largemouth bass and sunfish. We were able to fish this area a few times with success each time.  We used bass poppers, flies, nightcrawlers and live grasshoppers.  The sunfish were up to 9 inches long and the bass up to 18 inches.

palo duro bass2.jpg

Greg and I were lucky enough to have access to private land through a work friend to fish their fish filled ponds. This was awesome and we are sure grateful for their gesture. We were able to go to the ponds after work since they were so close to town. It took us all of 10 minutes to get there from our home. We caught sunfish, largemouth bass and channel catfish. The largest catfish was my personal record at 24″. It was a nice relaxing way to end the day.


We had an amazing fishing time in the panhandle of Texas. There are at least a half dozen other places we know about, but didn’t get a chance to try.  We hope to return later this year and make a trip through the panhandle as often as we can. We experienced our love of exploration and discovery in the Texas Panhandle. We appreciate the wondrous fishing and the good ol’ Texas friendliness we experienced while in the Texas.

Below are additional picture of the areas we fished. Enjoy!! 

texas flag.jpg



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