Fishing Texas – Gene Howe Wildlife Management Area

What a great discovery this was! We are very excited about sharing the fishing area we discovered at the Gene Howe Wildlife Management Area near Canadian/Perryton, Texas. The most important thing to know about this area is that you need a Limited Public Use Permit, in addition to a Texas Fishing License. You must purchase this permit online or at a store before arriving. They do not sell the permit on site and the closest store we know of is Gebo’s in Perryton.

We entered our information on the form in the registration center and headed to the area. We took a left on the main road and took the first road to the left called “Haystack.” We headed down the road and encountered the first fishing spot.

The first spot was a resaca, we called Long Pond, with bass and various types of sunfish. The sunfish were hand-sized and the bass were up to 16″. They were biting on any green colored fly, popper and nightcrawlers. We tried this spot again a few days later with not as much luck, so we decided to try the pond visable from the road, we called the Road Pond.

Lisa and Bluegill Gene Howe


The road to the Road Pond is blocked by three stakes.  The first time there, we pulled in to the 3 stakes and walked to the pond, which was about 200 yards. After that we drove around the stakes to the road on the right. We started catching  sunfish right away. You could see them swarm the bait and take the worm or fly. We tried poppers in the morning for largemouth bass and that seemed to work well. I tried other green-colored flies without success.  We caught most of our bass close to shore on nightcrawlers and poppers.

We fished the Gene Howe Wildlife Area a couple times a week. We did see another fisherman on an early Sunday morning and a few guys periodically on the weekends. But, I would consider this area a low-pressure fishing area.

IMG_5006 (1).jpg

On one of the days, we saw a truck parked at the Road Pond, so we ventured to another pond down the road. We call it Frog Pond because there were a lot of frogs! The pond was small, but we were able to catch nice-sized largemouth bass, catfish, sunfish, crappie and spotted gar. The gar was a surprise! A first for me!

lisa gar.jpg

We had such a great time at these areas that we want to go back a soon as we get back from fishing Alaska in late September. We hope the fishing is just as good and the weather may be a little cooler. We fished this area from the end of May to the middle of August. We usually started fishing at sunrise until about noon or we fished in the evening for a couple hours. Texas is just HOT in the summer.

As we drove to the fishing area the wildlife did not disappoint. We saw whitetail deer, turkeys, antelope, elk, feral pigs, and even a mountain lion. The cow was a friendly guy who wanted to give us a Texas hello.

The Texas Panhandle is full of areas to fish and to enjoy the wildlife. We hope you get a chance to visit the upper east corner near Perryton or Canadian, TX. They have a few nice hotels to stay in and several great restaurants. Because these areas are so small and we all would like to fish them for years to come, we suggest you catch and release. Have fun!






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