Spring Fishing in Alma, Colorado – Brookies, Rainbows and Brown Trout

Late spring is the perfect time to start heading to the Colorado mountains to fish. We took a couple trips up to Alma, Colorado which sits at 10, 578 feet, making it the highest incorporated community in the United States. Alma is located southwest of Denver, CO, approximately 65 miles using US-285. It takes about 1 hr 42 mins by car from Denver.

We visited Alma in mid-May and later in the month of May, when the weather was warm, ~60 degrees and the sun was shining on and off during the day. It was perfect fishing weather and the angling pressure was low. We saw 3-4 other anglers give it a try on the pond and in the stream.

We were geared up to fish the pond, stream, and beaver dams. We used our fly rods with floating line and light weight spinning reels with light weight rods. We used various flies, dark in color. We also used the bait trout love, the nightcrawler, on size 6-8 hooks. All fish were catch and release. We use a plastic net to decrease chances of harming the fish.

The first place we stopped to wet a line was the pond. There was a nice picnic table and large area for many anglers to fish. It wasn’t long before we got hits on night crawlers, catching Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Brookies.

The pond area is kid and family friendly. It is also a good area to practice your fly fishing skills. The catching in the pond was best by the picnic table where the water is deep.  The area to the right of the picnic table did not produce many bites. The stream to the left of the picnic table was great mid – May but did not produce as many fish at the end of May. That area is a lot of fun for the more experienced angler.

You can also fish the stream which is on both sides of the pond. The stream and beaver dams are a bit tricky and the fish are more skittish, but we had some luck in the pockets of the stream. You need to be sure and have a low profile or be a good caster. Its a fun challenge.

Note: Be prepared to get your feet wet in the stream and beaver dams. We highly recommend waders. 

rainbow trout 2

We suggest you head out early, pack a lunch,  and enjoy Alma’s beautiful fishing spots. We would love to hear about your fishing trip in Alma.


Live, Fish, Enjoy Life

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