Alaska’s Five Species of Pacific Salmon Certificate

Alaska has become our favorite place in the world! We have been traveling to Alaska for several years to fish for the highly sought after salmon, the notoriously good eating halibut, and the underappreciated rockfish.

We like to travel to Alaska in June or July for Sockeye (Red) Salmon and Chinook (King) Salmon.  We have gone several places including the Kenai, Seward, King Salmon and Kodiak seeking these fish.

We enjoy spending September in Kodiak fishing for Coho (Silver) Salmon along the road system and Chinook (King) Salmon in the ocean.  There have been a few years where we have made it to Alaska twice in the same year, making it possible for us to catch all five species of Pacific salmon.

While researching on the Alaska Fish & Game website we learned that they offer the Five Salmon Family Challenge Program. The certificate recognizes those families who catch all five species of Pacific salmon, including Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Chum Salmon, Chinook Salmon and Pink Salmon all in the same year.


The salmon runs vary in the different parts of the state. Timing the salmon runs are key to successfully achieving the Five Salmon Family Challenge. The ADF&G website can be helpful when planning your trip with their timing menu.

timing menu

In 2017 we decided to go for it and try for the certificate! We went to the Blue Fly B&B in King Salmon, Alaska, in July to fish the Naknek River. We caught Sockeye (Red) and Chinook (King) Salmon. The Kings were about 30-40 lbs. What a great catch!

We then headed to Seward to fish with Captain Bill, owner of Seward Charters and caught Silver Salmon in Resurrection Bay. Later that year, in September, we went to Kodiak. We fished the road system and took a couple ocean charters. We caught Silver, Pink and Chum Salmon. We did it!! What a great Alaska fishing year and we proudly display our certificate in a frame on our trophy wall.

In the most recent years we have been going to  Kodiak, Alaska to fish the Ayakulik River and Ugak Bay with Alpen View Wilderness Lodge. The Sockeye Salmon are typically running at the end of May through June and July. We also fish for King Salmon in the Ayakulik River in June and July. Every year we fish the Kodiak road system in September for the Coho (Silver) Salmon. Check out our blog post on fishing the road system.

Greg was able to go to Alaska twice in 2019, once on a guys trip to the Ayakulik and once to Kodiak to fish the road system and go to Alpenview Wilderness Lodge. We also fished the road system and went out on a few charters. Once again, because this is a family certificate, we were able to fish for all five species of Pacific salmon and get the ADF&G Five Salmon Challenge Certificate.

5 salmon

There are a few requirement for acquiring the certificate including logging where the the fish were caught, date the fish were caught, and photos of you and your catch. You must catch the salmon legally in public waters in compliance with current ADF&G regulations. Please visit this ADF&G Certificate website for all special rules. You can also print the application and photo release from the website.


We had a great time working towards achieving this certificate. It was a great achievement for us and we are very proud of the certificates we earned. Good Luck to you and your family!! Send us a message and picture when you get your certificate!


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