The Original Ty-Rite – Catching More Fish in Kodiak, Alaska

The Original Ty-Rite is one of my favorite fishing tools and I take it everywhere my fly rod and fly box go. So, of course it came to Alaska with me. I was excited to be able to introduce Alaska to Ty-Rite and share it through social media and in fly shops. A big shout out to a great fishing tool!!! Also, made in the USA.

The Ty-Rite Jr. is a small orange tool that holds a fly at the bend in the hook to prevent dropped flies, hooked fingers, and unwanted scents on your fly. Most of all, it makes tying your tippet on the fly so much easier. Just grasp the fly, insert the line, twist and tie the knot. Easy!

You can easily attach the Ty-Rite to your shirt, vest or lanyard. I prefer to attach it to my Fish Pond lanyard, which is either clipped to my fly vest or wader belt.

How do I catch more fish by using this tool? Well, I don’t have to handle the fly with my fingers. Our hands have body oils, and maybe some bug spray or sunscreen on them. Fish don’t like those scents. I also believe it’s because I have my line in the water more with good knots, especially when catching salmon. They are super strong fish and bad knots will be exposed.

Check out this video on how to use the Ty-Rite.

The Ty-Rite Jr. and Sr. are available on Ty-Rite website. Catch.More.Fish

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One thought on “The Original Ty-Rite – Catching More Fish in Kodiak, Alaska

  1. Judy

    I love using the Ty-Rite tool It helps me hold the fly or hook so I’m not dropping of fumbling around with hooks. It makes getting my fishing rod ready to go much quicker and easier. Great invention.

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