About Blogger

36694773_1734091916626071_2279087832565809152_oWelcome to our blog of fishing, hunting, camping and outdoor adventures. Our names are Lisa and Greg Black. We have been enjoying the outdoors and fishing together for 15 years. Our favorite places to explore are Colorado, where we live and work, and Alaska where we just play and catch lots of fish to enjoy and share.

Lisa is a Physical Therapist Assistant and Greg is a Business Professor. We both have a passion for fishing and hope to share some of our favorite spots, tips, favorite gear and exceptional business used along the way with you. We are catch and release only in Colorado and treat the fish with care in hopes they are there for others to enjoy.

We also spend the fall hunting deer and antelope in Colorado and Wyoming . We hope to hunt in Alaska in the near future and share our experience with you.

We have a love for Alaska and try to visit a couple times a year. Our favorite place to explore in Alaska is Kodiak Island. We have been to the Kenai Peninsula, King Salmon, Anchorage and Denali. We fish until the sun goes down…oh wait!! The sun doesn’t go down in the summer.

We hope you enjoy our blog!!