Backpacking Tent – Black Diamond Vista 3 Person Tent, 3 Season
We have had this tent for 10 years. We first used in on a trip to Emerald Lake in 2008 and just used it on our trip to Elk Creek in 2018. It has a few tiny holes in the netting but nothing a little patch tape can’t fix. This tent has been through several rain storms and it never leaked. I give it 5 stars. Packed weight 6lbs 8 oz.

Sleeping Bag – Lisa has the Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 degree sleeping bag system, $249. The back of the sleeping bag has a long pocket for the pad. This is awesome because no one likes to end up off the pad in the middle of the night or sliding around. Good Job BIG AGNES!!
Greg is tall, 6′ 3″, and has the Lost Ranger 15 degree sleeping bag system with the pad pocket. It comes in a “long” size which works great for him. $249
Check out the Big Agnes website for more details and sizing. I highly recommend this great Colorado company.

Sleeping Pad – Big Agnes Q-Core Deluxe 3 season pads. The pads are extremely comfortable and help you stay warm up off the ground. I have not had sore hips after I started using this pad. I have had my pad for several years with no problems. Greg had his deflate one night and when we came home we contacted Big Agnes. We sent it in and they sent him a brand new one, no problems. Again, great CO company.

**When purchasing a sleeping pad, make sure it does not make a lot of noise. I have seen some light weight pads that make a crinkling noise like a chip bag…that could ruin a good nights sleep for everyone in the tent.

Other awesome camping gear coming soon….