Favorite Gear

You Get What You Pay For

Choose your gear wisely and don’t be cheap! You want to have fun, be safe and relax when you are in the outdoors. Poor gear can ruin a trip.

Our first backpacking trip to Emerald Lake was in 2008. We took our son who was 13 years old at the time. He carried all his own gear in an old Eagle Scout external frame backpack. The hike was a total of 12 miles to the lake. We didn’t have the best or lightest gear, however we learned a lot from this trip and discovered that every pound and every gear choice we made was important.

Footwear is in our opinion the most important choice and piece of gear you will purchase for any outdoor activity. You want to make sure you have comfortable and durable shoes. This is so important for foot health during your hike or activity. No one wants to get half way up the trail and get a blister…OUCH. Blisters are small but painful or have wet feet hunting or have rocks in your shoes while fishing.

All of the gear we feature in our blog has been used by us. We will give an honest review about the comfort and durability. We will let you know what brands work best for us for all of our hunting, fishing and camping adventures.


Stores with great gear at great prices…

Sierra Trading Post – they have an online store and stores located in Cheyenne, WY and Colorado. I have been to both stores and never leave empty handed. I have ordered online also and the shipping is fast.


TJMAXX – If you frequent TJMAXX you just might find some great deals on clothing. We have found Under Armor Camo Hunting Clothing and The North Face shirts and pants at great prices.