Go Ahead, Spend Some Money on Good Footwear. You’ll be Glad You Did.

Footwear is by far one of the more important choices you will be making for your hunting, fishing or camping/hiking trip. Foot health is important for your immediate trip as well as for future trips. Please to not cheap yourself out of a good pair of shoes. We typically spend over $100 for a good pair of shoes. The footwear mentioned below are just suggestions and are shoes we have found that work for us. You have to find what shoes is comfortable for you.

Salomon brand shoes are our favorite for hiking. They are light weight, durable and fit well. Lisa started wearing Salomon in 2004 and has worn them for hiking trips ever since. She wears various styles including the trail/multi function Salomon X Ultra Prime shoe for light hikes and  Salomon X Ultra Mid 3  for longer hikes. Greg prefers the  Salomon X Ultra Trek GTX for hiking. He wears a size 14 and had issues finding a good fitting shoe from other brands. He has tried others, but keeps returning to Salomon.

Get a durable water shoe for the summer. When not wearing  waders Lisa wears Salomon Techamphibian water shoes for summer fishing and Hunter boots for lake fishing. The Salomon Techamphibian shoes are great because the back is adjustable.  She usually wears wool socks with these shoes and can be adjusted for a snug fit.  Note: You want to make sure small rocks can’t get into your water shoes. We tried Keen but we spend a lot of time emptying our shoes and being uncomfortable..

Greg prefers Simms Currents water shoes for summer stream and lake fishing. They are comfortable, give you enough cushion on the bottom to protect your feet from rocks and they dry extremely fast.