Sitka Blaze Orange Hunting Vest

Sitka Blaze Orange Ballistic Vest 50093-BL

Greg and I really like this vest. My favorite thing about this vest is the front pockets. It allows me to put my license in a zipped pocket as well as store any additional bullets, etc. It also has soft lined pockets on the side for your hands. The vest is comfortable. I have not seen a Sitka women specific hunting vest. I also like the Sitka ear warmer. I wear it under my hat when hiking in cold weather.

My favorite womens hunting clothing is Under Armour. They have a wide variety of styles for women and it fits well. I wear the fleece lined pants, UA base layer pants, sweatshirts, jackets and the UA 4.0 layer under the sweatshirt.


We were hunting for Antelope and I was able to capture this amazing image of this beautiful Buck Antelope sitting peacefully in the field while a Bull Elk passes by…WOW!!