King Salmon

Fishing with Bears

King Salmon, Alaska is located on the north bank of the Naknek River on the Alaska Peninsula. It is located 284 miles south of Anchorage.


We flew on Alaska Airlines from Denver>Seattle>Anchorage>King Salmon. There is one flight on the Alaska Airlines jet from Anchorage to King Salmon, which I recommend.

We have been to King Salmon twice, once for a rafting trip and another time to fish and stay at The Blue Fly B&B and Guide Service. We are going to share both of these trips with you…

Lets go Fish with Bears!!! Rafting/Camping/Fishing

We rented rafts and gear from Branch Air a year in advance. The cost was $800 pp. They dropped us off via float plane on the Alagnak River. In the middle of no where…I’m sure they knew where we were,  but it was very remote. We had 3 rafts, 8 people, food, and fishing gear for a 7 day trip.

We had to set up our rafts, put our food in metal drums (bear proof) and get ready to float to our first fishing spot…

The views are amazing and the excitement of a trip like this is unexplainable. 

We arrived at our first fishing spot in the evening and set up camp. I am not going to lie…I don’t know about Greg but I was a little nervous about spending the night in a tent with so many bears in sight along the way…

We lived!!! We set out the next morning for an even better fishing spot. There were a lot of bears, eagles and fish to see along the way. We were there for the sockeye run and it did not disappoint. After arriving at our next spot we set up camp and then we fished, fished and fished some more…We even ate fresh caught sockeye salmon for dinner. Can’t get better then that!

The opportunity we had to spend 7 days in the Alaska wilderness along the Alagnak River in King Salmon was the most amazing trip we have been on. It was really a once in a lifetime trip for us. We cherish the views, memories, and time we were able to spend with our family during this trip including our brother-in-law Ervin, our son Brandon, nephew Jonathan, friend Greg, nephew Dirk, and nephew Nathan.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional details about this trip.

Please enjoy the pictures of our once in a lifetime trip…




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