Kodiak Island, Alaska

Fish for Sockeye and King Salmon in the Ayakulik

Kodiak Island is our favorite place on earth! We find that Kodiak is peaceful and has a very special feel. The locals are friendly, the food is yummy and the FISHING IS FANTASTIC! 

Let us begin by featuring a couple of our favorite things to do on Kodiak.

  • Fishing the road system in September for Silver Salmon
  • Fishing with Fish N’ Chips Charters
  • Fishing and stay at ALPENVIEW Wilderness Lodge

Fishing on the Ayakulik for King Salmon

Excitement is an understatement when it comes to the feeling we feel when we get to head to Alaska. We made reservations at ALPENVIEW Wilderness Lodge for our 2018 trip at what they call the “Outcamp” along the Ayakulik River and the ALPENVIEW Lodge on the Ugak Bay. We recommend you make reservations 1 year in advance. Prices vary depending on how many nights you stay. It is an all inclusive lodge.

We flew to Kodiak via Alaska Airlines. Tip: If you get the Alaska Airline Credit Card they offer a $99 companion flight yearly. Plus, your bags (1 per person) up to 50lbs fly free. We like to fly the Alaska Airline jet to Kodiak instead of the small Penn Air flight. Penn Air flights get cancelled often due to weather.

Airline: Alaska Airlines
Kodiak Car Rental: Avis
Hotel: Kodiak Inn, Best Western, nice breakfast in the a.m.

We spent a few days on the Island hoping to fish the road system for Sockeye…no luck. The salmon were not running in the rivers yet. Bummer! So, we had the chance to get to know the Island a little better. We took some pictures of the wildlife and eat some good food. I really like Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant and Noodles.

DSC02703 (2)

One of our favorite things to do on Kodiak Island is go fishing with Captain Dave of FISH N’ CHIPS CHARTERS. We always have a good time and catch a lot of fish including Halibut, Cod, Rock Fish, Salmon and King Salmon. Greg caught a 100lb halibut with Capt. Dave in Sept. 2017. I recommend you book more then one day…you will be glad you did!!!

When it was time to head to the camp, Andrew Airways picked us up at the Best Western. We had a rainy but amazing floatplane flight to the “Outcamp.”

We arrived to the camp along the Ayakulik River and greeted by the guides, Isaac, Phil and Victoria. They assisted us in getting our stuff in the tents and gave us a tour of the dining area, bana and outhouse. Then it was time have lunch and GO FISHING!!!

It was rainy and cold the day we arrived. However, we don’t sit in camp when the weather is bad. We just wear lots of layers, waders and rain gear.

IMG_1317 (1)

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