Lavender has been around for many years and is considered the most commonly used Lavender Essential Oilessential oil in the world. It is considered a “must have” oil to keep on hand because of its many uses.

The lavender flowers are steam-distilled for their essential oil. The aroma is sweet, floral and calming. Lavender is part of my everyday health regimen. I use it for healthy hair, headaches, skin irritations and sleep.

Healthy Hair – I have been using lavender for a few months in my hair on a daily basis. My hair has never looked or felt better! It is the longest it has ever been.  I have very fine blonde hair that breaks off easily and looked frizzy at the ends. I am very happy with how it looks now! It looks healthy, shiny and is no longer frizzy. I use only a couple drops of lavender in my hands and rub in after I wash my hair and before I blow dry it.

You can also use lavender in your mascara to promote long thick lashes. Just put one drop in the tube. You can also purchase YL Mascara with lavender already in it. Click HERE to purchase
savvy-mascaraLavender promotes sleep and helps you get a good night’s rest. You can use it in a diffuser by your bed or add 2-3 drops on the back of your neck, chest and temples. You can add 2-3 drops in your body lotion and rub on your legs and feet. It may also help with restless legs.

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Lavender has been shown to be soothing to burns, sunburns, rashes and cuts. Mix lavender oil with coconut oil and apply to affected areas.


The lovely scent of lavender can bring you feelings of peace and relaxation. It can reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. You can either diffuse lavender or apply it to your temples, wrists and soles of your feet. I like to add a few drops to a warm bath after a long day and it is definitely relaxing. It may also help with high blood pressure.


Lavender oil may be able to help with your headache or migraine. For relief, you should inhale or diffuse it for 15 mins. You can also mix with peppermint and apply to your temples and back of your neck.

With a mixture of lavender and frankincense in a carrier oil, you can improve your skin’s health. I mix the two oils with a body lotion or face cream.

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