Fishing the Kenai River was our first experience fishing in Alaska. Greg’s brother put together a do-it-yourself trip and invited us to join him and his wife Jolene. Little did we know that we would fall in love with Alaska and this would be the first trip of many.

Our first trip to the Kenai River was in 2013. We had no idea what to bring so we overpacked and took too much equipment!

We flew from Denver to Anchorage via United Airlines. They offer a straight thru 5 hr. flight. We rented an SUV which was included in the condo rental to drive to Soldotna the following day. We stayed at the Comfort Inn because our flight did not arrive until 12:30 am. It didn’t seem that late because it was still light outside.

Ervin found a condo and SUV rental on Craigslist. The condo was nice, but the SUV had seen its better days.

We fished at the pay per day campground, Centennial Campground,  near the Soldotna visitors center. Luckily, Ervin had a friend staying at the campground who showed us how to rig up our gear and taught us how to fish the Kenai. We call it “the Kenai jerk.”

This is a picture of Lisa’s first Kenai Salmon. Notice the lovely glacier blue waders to match the glacier blue water. haha!


Fishing the Kenai River is a very unique experience. You fish with other people right next to you and you have to be sure and control your fish so it does not tangle in other people’s lines. We learned real quick to yell “FISH ON!” Everyone is super nice and willing to help you net your fish.

We also fished the Russian River/Kenai River confluence…


We loved fishing in Alaska so much we returned the following two years.